Located in rural central Mississippi, Broke-T Honey was founded in 2006.  A family owned apiary, we currently maintain approximately 400 hives.  We produce pure, raw and unprocessed honey.  We use no chemicals in our hives nor any additives in our honey.

Our light (Spring) honey, a light sweeter honey, is made primarily from white clover and spring wildflowers.  Our darker amber honey is made primarily from various wildflowers in the late spring to summer.  Our dark (Fall) honey, a darker and richer honey, is made primarily from goldenrod and fall wildflowers.

Click here to view our collection of items.  For pricing and ordering information, call (601)656-1908.

In addition to selling honey, we also sell 5 frame nucs with bees, and collect swarms locally.  For more information on these services please call (601) 562-0701.

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